1. Getting started

The program works with the users registered in Windows. If there are no users on PC, please use the wizard Users from Control panel Windows for their creation.

Install the program.

After installation the Time Boss icon will appear in system tray. Click it with the right mouse button and choose item Control panel. In this window you can define properties for each user.

The Control panel window consists of several bookmarks, one for each user, located in the top part of a window, and a panel with the buttons located on the right ( there you can add, change, delete the user and open window with additional program Options).

All users have one of two types of rights - Boss or Subordinate.

The user with Boss rights is not limited and can edit Control panel and view Event Log. However for Boss it is possible to define lists of the forbidden and allowed programs,sites or folders (disks) and to set Internet time limitation (for self limitation).

The program runs a PC timer only for users with rights Subordinate.

At first start all users are specified with the rights Boss and don't have limitaion.

User Someone is a built-in user under whose name the program keeps account for all users who are registered in Windows and who are NOT added to the program. User Someone can't be removed.

You can set limitations for Someone as you do for other users. Thus, if the new user is created in Windows and is not present in the program he gets rights Someone. We recommend to set Subordinate rights for Someone with 0 hr 0 min time limitation.

You can add to the program all necessary users. For this use the New user button. If you use the network with domains, please set the short name without domain as users name in Time Boss. Example: for net user "office\guest" the user name in Time Boss will be "guest".

Then you define the time limitation for each user.

Set the new time limitation for Someone and change his rights to Subordinate.

We recommend to set and use password for Time Boss (Control panel -> Options->Password).

Close Control panel window.

The program is ready to work.