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 Screenshot of computer time limitation program Time Boss.

“If my Son has Administrator level rights on his Windows 7 PC's, will he be able to hack into Time Boss and change Passwords etc, and override it's controls?”
D. Cutler,  Sweden Halmstad
Answer is here. Please visit out Tme Boss FAQ page.

“Time Boss is an exceptional program! We chose it over Windows as our schedule manager for our family for its ease of use and low cost. Considering how complex similar programs can be, this package has all the tools that they have and more. In seconds from starting the program, I created five profiles, adapted them to each user, and closed the program. In practice, the logs and screenshots tools are intuitive, making it convenient to review each user's events.
We are excited about your program and how it has saved us hundreds of dollars!”

Mr. Bieer,  USA Oregon

Please try our computer time limitation program Time Boss!

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