Some worth known info about internet addictions

Don't want Your dear person to spend too much time in the net?
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Internet time limitation featureUncontrolled access to Internet can provoke serious psychological and physical problems for people of any age. Limiting time that your child spends in front of the computer can help You to keep your kids safe, socially active and healthy!

Resources about the Internet addiction

Tel Aviv University Redefines "Internet Addiction" and Sets New Standards for Its Treatment

Internet addiction test - first validated and reliable measure of addictive use of the Internet

People face danger: the Internet addiction, porn dependence..

Time Boss parental control is all Windows compatible. Time Boss is 100% Clean. Certifiead by Nicekit Software home page.

Time Boss help people in healing the internet addictions.

  1. You can see what the subordinate user does in the net in event journal with all websites visited and programs used.

  2. You can define black and white lists of websites and local programs (games) with individual restriction timetable.

  3. Comfortable screenshot log with highly ajustable setting

  4. Many other useful features...

  5. Registration fee for Time Boss is only $34.95 and for Time Boss PRO only $49.95(US).

  6. You can use one registration on THREE PCs in your home local network!

This makes the releases of Time Boss a piece of BEST news for those, who are in charge of computer administration either at home or in the office.

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For preventive maintenance and treatment of computer dependences inside the family first version of Time Boss parental control was written by Mark Kruglov, nowadays the head of a successful team of developers, Nicekit Software LLC.

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Internet Addiction (CBS News)

curing Internet addiction kids in china

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