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A funny and handy event-reminder. It has intuitive multilingual interface and gives you full control of the reminders' time-tables and their display appearance. Widest range of reminders: display notifications, mp3, images, animated images ...

AniReminder Pro offers a widest choice of notifications in the WEB!

  • Reminders with onscreen messages, display notifications with images, desktop stickers,
  • Reminders as animated images (.gif)
  • Reminders as icons (.ico) or animated icons (.ani) in tray
  • Reminders as sound (.mp3 .avi .midi) with auto-repeat and full volume control
  • Reminders as launching others programs or files (.doc .txt ...)

Feel free to create your own new reminders!


  • AniReminder screenshot AniReminder Pro gives you an ability to create as many reminders as you want with individual timetable and sticker appearance for each!
  • Has simple and clear multilingual interface. You can manage your reminders' list in a few clicks.
  • Choose any from 10+ notification types. Fully control the appearance of each of your reminders!
  • You can save your reminders to .xml file.
    Quickly add reminders from file to a new place! Reminders Archive.
    Now you have an ability to send the reminder that you designed to a friend.
  • AniReminder Pro is a lightweight tool that uses very little memory. It works well and is stable with other applications!
  • Free technical support, and help, and FAQ.

Never forget important dates now. AniReminder Pro will help to keep you on track by making your computer day more efficient.
Never miss the time of limbering-up, a TV show, appointment, planned phone call, meeting or important date, whilst working at your PC!
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Animated pictures examples (GIF):


If you want to add picture in reminder: Click on picture (right mouse button)->Popup menu->Save picture as-> Save picture in some folder on your computer->Open Sticker panel for reminder in AniReminder->Select saved picture on panel Animated picture.

You can find more GIFs on the internet.
May be here:

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Non-limited AniReminder free 30 day trial!

Download AniReminder PRO now! Buy AniReminder PRO now for $19.95 on Plimus!

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