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Parental Control Software Time Boss

This software is a universal time management tool that performs a range of functions from setting time limits for working on the PC to collecting usage statistics, displaying remaining time and managing lists of forbidden/allowed programs and websites.
Time Boss Parental Control Softwarev3.35 NEW 2.2 mb
Time Boss, free download

Time Boss runs smoothly, is stable and friendly to all other programs, including antivirus and antispyware software. It uses only the official insuperable built-in protection capabilities of the operating system without creating spyware modules or littering disks and the registry. That's why it doesn't affect the working speed of other programs. Time Boss password protection will not be corrupted if kid uses keyloggers and other software to try to intercept you typing a password.
The default Time Boss password is 123.

Download parental control program Time Boss
version 3.35 2.2 mb

Setup (MSI installer)
Order Time Boss
Time Boss Pro Parental Control Program With Time Boss PRO you can administrate the usage of any computer by any user in a Windows local network from a remote PC. Time Boss PRO gives you the full control of the remote Time Boss control panel. If you want to administrate Time Boss PRO on kid's computer from internet you can use the small freeware program Time Boss Cloud for Windows or Android mobile.

version 3.35 2.2 mb

Setup (MSI installer)
Order Time Boss

  • Time Boss Parental Control software has a clear, user-friendly interface. Time Boss offers the widest range of adjustable tools with flexible settings.
  • You can limit your kid who has Administrator rights on PC.
  • You can very easily add additional time for the day or reduce the remaining time.
  • Internet filter blocks bad content on all websites, including websites with protected communications protocol - https, e.g., and others. Web browsers support InPrivate and Incognito mode.
  • You can get the event log and screenshots of the activity on a computer on your email in real time. Multiple monitor support.
  • You can protect your Windows session with Time Boss password. The default Time Boss password is 123.
  • You only need ONE registered copy for up to 3 PCs at your home!
  • As a registered user you will get the future versions for free. The license is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.
Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 compatible


  • Time Boss, parental control software free downloadYou can specify an individual time limit for any user You want - of working with the computer, internet, websites or applications. You can set the time limits per day, per week, by time-table and also set forced breaks.
  • Computer time limitation program Time Boss - Event logTime Boss keeps an event log and a screenshot log for all users. The program gives you full statistics of the computer usage (web-sites, programs— according to your settings).
  • Time Boss, parental control software options screenshot"Stealth" mode that makes Time Boss invisible for kids. In this mode only the boss user will know that the program is running.
  • System info protection. You can forbid any user to open any folder or disk, to change system date, time and time zone, to open a task-manager or an any program of your choice.
  • Time Boss control panel of parental control softwareThe "black and white " lists of the forbidden/allowed programs, websites, folders or groups with individual time limits set for each item usage. The "white" list (only these folders, programs and internet sites are allowed to use) with time limit for each item.
  • Full support of Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 64-bit systems.

    If you use Time Boss (PRO) and want to upgrade to Windows 11 (10), then uninstall Time Boss (PRO) at first, please. After Windows 11 (10) installation install Time Boss (PRO) again in the old Time Boss (PRO) folder. All Time Boss (PRO) settings, screenshots and logs will be saved. If you have registration info, then input your registration name and key again.
  • Time Boss does not require internet connection. Can work off-line.
  • Safety. Program prevents kids from deleting (uninstalling) Time Boss. If your child is geek in Winodws - too, read here please. Main part of Time Boss is the protected service. The termination of countdown window do not stop Time Boss and all restrictions.
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How to install the parental control software, Time Boss (PRO)

Download file timeboss(pro).zip file and extract timeboss(pro)-setup.msi file to a folder of your choice or to the desktop, and run it.

On some Windows systems, enable the installation of Time Boss from our website (not only from the Windows Store: Windows Settings->Apps & features->Choose where to get apps select "Anywhere..."). See here.

All of our programs have the NiceKit digital signature, yet this signature cannot be successfully verified by Microsoft.
As a consequence, you can see the warning "Unknown Publisher" when the installation of our program starts.
Please press the "More Info" and then "Run Anyway" buttons on the Windows SmartScreen protection panel, when the panel appears. We guarantee the absence of malicious code in our programs!

Before installation, you can check the downloaded file with the built-in Windows antivirus. To do this, right-click on the file and select "Scan with Microsoft Defender ..." in the drop-down menu.

The program can be stopped after installation of the new "big" Windows 11 (10) updates (Microsoft releases the "big" update once per year usally). Time Boss (PRO) is highly protected program. The "big" Windows 11 (10) update can not reinstall it correctly and stops it.
In this case uninstall the program using the Windows uninstalling wizard after Windows update and install the program (you can download the setup file from our site) again in the old folder. All Time Boss (PRO) settings, screenshots and logs will be saved. If you have registration name and key then input (use copy/paste) your registration name and key in Time Boss (PRO) again and reboot the PC.

NiceKit does not collect ANY information from the PC on which our programs are installed.

Please email us to if any problem appears. We will help.

If you use Windows with Microsoft .NET 2.0 and without Microsoft .NET 4.0 installed on your PC, then you can use the previous 3.14 version of Time Boss or the previous 3.14 version of Time Boss PRO.

Time Boss PRO parental control software extra features

  • Press to enlarge parental control software Time Boss PRO screenshot. Time Boss PRO gives You the full control of the remote Time Boss control panel. TB PRO can synchronize time limitation and settings of users on multiple computers. TB PRO can send screenshots and event log via FTP and Email. You need only ONE license for using TB PRO on up to THREE PCs!
  • With Time Boss PRO you can be sure that your Time Boss password protection will not be corrupted if subordinate users use Keyloggers and other software to try to intercept you typing a password.
  • All Time Boss features are included, some remastered.
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 PC time management is important for home and business users alike. Limiting time that your child spends in front of the computer is a good way to prevent him or her from getting addicted, which is alarmingly common nowadays.
  Uncontrolled access to games and Internet can cause serious psychological and physical disorders. Hence, preventive measures here are far better than treatment. In an office environment time management is necessary to protect the company from internet abuse and limit the use of some non-work-related programs.

 Even today, there are not so many time management tools that combine simplicity of the interface and configuration with a wide range of useful functions, thus every release of Parental Control Software Time Boss is of a great value for those who are in charge of computer administration either at home or in the office. (Time Boss is a rare case of a time management tool that combines both simplicity of the interface and configuration with a wide range of useful functions, ….)

Parental control program - Time Boss Pro. Connection to remote computer.

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“We really like your app, we looked around quite a bit and Time Boss is the best choice we found for managing our kids' screen time. I'll likely upgrade to Pro so we can manage another computer under the same settings/tracking.”
2020,  R.Rue,  Seattle WA

“The software is extraordinarily simple, works perfectly, is super easy to manage even from a mobile device off the LAN, *works even in a domain environment*, works with multiple users let alone multiple PC's, and is cheap for what you get.
Thank you for developing and maintaining this product. It is very effective.”

2021,  Scott C. K., MCSE, CDIA+, CDC Systems Engineer,  NY

“Thanks for making Time Boss. It has been a huge help to our family!”
2019,  Neil T.,  Massachusetts

“You Guys Rock!
I wanted to block access to certain folders while still allowing taskbar shortcuts to run the executables contained within the folders. I have been dispairing since using the Black/White List of Programs to block folder access only blocked the apps within. I was searching out various extra software options until today I was messing around and happened to be scanning your Faq notes... System Protection->Protected Folders to the rescue. Thank you.”

2021,  Derek S.,  California

“I have not looked at the settings options available in Time Boss Pro for three years, as it was good enough for our needs then, but am totally amazed at all the options available now. This software saves Windows 10 Pro admins a lot of time, as you don't have to configure Group Policies for multiple user groups. Just clone a profile and tweak as needed.”
2021,  David P. James,  USA

“I do love Time Boss and have been telling my friends about it, it's the best parental control software I've found. I love not arguing with my kids about when to log off and the easy ability to give them a little more time if I choose.”
2020,  J. Blackmore,  Canada

“... This is a really good program, I've been recommending to others, the last few years I've been impressed with it.”
2019,  K. Hee,  Hawaii

“I have spent a lot of time to try all Access and Parental Software. Time Boss is clearly the best!
P.S.: As a typical Swiss I don't often make compliments. Thank you very much!”

2018,  R.Schaub, Switzerland

“I absolutely love this product. It is the only time management software that we've found that actually provides the functionality we need (including remote update capability).”
2018,  Robert B.,  USA

“My son does not like your software, but I do!!!! Excellent! Bravo!”
2019,  Pierre J. Tremblay,  Canada

“And please keep making this product. It is the only tool I've found that gives me a prayer of controlling screen time. Those computer games really are addictive.”
2018,  David L.,  USA

“Time Boss is awesome for enforcing our usage rules!”
2019,  Ken S.,  USA

“Just a quick word to thank you for your awesome software, tried some complicated stuff using SSL intercepting proxies, your software does all that I want.”
2018,  Valery,  France

“I am trying your sw. It looks very nice compare to others I have chance to try.
My son always find some way how to crack sws which I tried [Salfeld, ParentalControl, Norton, ChildControl, ...] to make it non functional but with yours it was OK. Up till now the best parental control I see.”

2017,  Vit K.,  Malta

“Very easy and powerful program. Thanks!”
2017,  M. George,  Colorado

“Thank you, Time Boss is exactly what our family needed”
2016,  R. Kelvin,  New York

“I really love Time Boss, it's the best time control software I've found.
Thank you for providing this service!”

2016,  A. Guillon,  France

“Thank you so much for your wonderful work of this amazingly effective and stable program!
I am really grateful to your invention and combination of some of the rare features such as time break and zero system impact that no one in the market is able to offer!”

2020,  Zheng S,  Chicago

“Just thought I'd take a few minutes to say what a great bit of software Time Boss is. My nephew has been addicted to counter strike for a while now, and it was starting to effect his school work (too tired to concentrate in class I think).
I've found Time Boss to be the perfect solution, does exactly what it says on the tin, plus is so easy to install and setup. Not sure ma nephew is too happy but he's getting used to the cut off time and we've already seen an improvement in the school work.
Easily the best £30 I could have spent on sorting the problem.
So many thanks!”

2015,  Simon O.,  UK

“First of all you guys make a fantastic product. It keeps me from becoming addicted to my games!”
2017,  Bryce M.,   USA

“This software seems promising as my son has broken Microsoft Family Safety, Qustodio...etc. but so far this software seems to be able to limit his computer use time which is what I'm mostly after. Thank you for your assistance!”
2018,  John L,   USA

“The program itself is brilliant and nothing else I've tried even remotely comes near to the features you've managed to pack into this!
Its the right level of advanced control I wanted as many other programs try to oversimplify things (Microsoft family safety for eg) which ends up in me loosing key control elements...”

2017,  Kartik P, United Kingdom

“Great product by the way. I actually use it for myself and my wife holds the password to the timeboss controls. it's been absolutely invaluable to prevent endless internet/computer time sucking my life away. Thanks for the great product!”
2016,  K.Ramesh, USA

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