4. Event log (Journal)

The Event Log shows the start-stop events for all users and programs actions.

Only users with rights Parent (Boss) have access to Event Log.

You can call the Event log from Control panel window or directly using the Time Boss icon in system tray.

The Event log window has four pages: Event Log, Screenshots,Statistics and Total statistics.

Please note - statistics is based on Event log. So if the event log is clear - statistic will be clear to. If you want to save some data from Event log or Statistics, please select needed data (with Ctrl+Mouse, Shift+Mouse) and copy (Ctrl+C) its to Notepad (or MS Office...) (Ctrl+V).

The Event Log page has two panels. At the left you can select what events do you want to see, at the right selected events will be viewed.

On the top of right list you can select additional conditions.

You should push the button Refresh to refresh the event list.

All events and screenshots are sorted by time. It is the history of users work. You can delete events and screenshots only in Control panel window.

Any screenshot you can delete or save to file using popup menu on it (press Right Mouse button).


If you see events in illogical order, remember that several users can log in system in one time and PC can was aborted.

Start and Stop of Time Boss coincides with the Start and stop of PC.