Would I benefit from monitoring software?

To be sure that everything is okay you can use best parental control software.

Uncontrolled access to games and the Internet can provoke serious psychological and physical problems for people of any age. Limiting time that your child spends in front of the computer can help You to keep your kids safe, socially active and healthy!

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Time Boss parental control is all Windows compatible. Time Boss is 100% Clean. Certifiead by Softpedia.com Nicekit Software home page.

Time Boss offers range of monitoring features like...

  1. Detailed statistics of the PC usage, daily usage diagrams and fulltime graphs.
  2. You can view event journal with all websites visited by subordinate user.
  3. All computer events can be recorded to event log, programs' start, close, Log Ons an Log Offs...
  4. Comfortable screenshot log with highly adjustable setting
  5. Many other useful features...
    This makes the releases of Time Boss of great value for those who are in charge of computer administration either at home or in the office.

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For preventive maintenance and treatment of computer dependences inside the family, the first version of Time Boss parental control was written by Mark Kruglov, nowadays the head of a successful team of developers, Nicekit Software LLC.

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