Time Boss - parental control app, that parents and kids really love
SnapAShot - smallest free tool for taking screenshots of different size

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Time Boss

Windows parental control Time Boss
Universal parental control software that allows parents to monitor and control their children's screen time and online activity. It has a user-friendly interface that enables parents to set daily time limits for various applications and websites, as well as block access to specific sites or programs altogether.

Time Boss Pro

Windows parental control Time Boss Pro
One of the standout features of Time Boss Pro network version is its network-wide monitoring capabilities. This allows parents to control multiple devices on a single network or internet (using Time Boss Cloud), making it an ideal solution for families with multiple children or households with multiple devices.


Windows screen capture app SnapAShot
SnapaShot is a free lightweight screen capturing software that allows users to quickly and easily take screenshots of their computer screen. The program is easy to install and use, and offers a variety of capture options, including capturing the entire screen, a selected region, or a specific window.


Free network monitor EasyNetMonitor
EasyNetMonitor is a small and easy-to-use free network monitoring software that allows users to monitor the status of remote computers and websites. The software is designed to provide a quick and simple way to check the availability of network resources, such as servers, routers, cameras, printers and other devices, and to receive notifications when these resources go offline.


Free time tracker program NkTimeTracker
NkTimeTracker is a free time tracking software for Windows that allows users to track their time spent on various tasks and projects. The software is designed to help individuals and businesses increase their productivity and efficiency by providing accurate time tracking and reporting.


Windows reminder program AniReminder
AniReminder is a reminder program that allows users to set up reminders for important events, appointments, and tasks. The program offers a range of features, including the ability to set up recurring reminders, attach notes and images to reminders, and even play custom sounds or music as a reminder.