Time Boss - parental control app, that parents and kids really love
SnapAShot - smallest free tool for taking screenshots of different size

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Time Boss

Universal parental control software performing a range of functions from setting time limits for working on the PC to collecting usage statistics, displaying remaining time and managing lists of forbidden and allowed programs and sites.

Time Boss Pro

Network version of Time Boss allows you to manage Time Boss Pro on your child’s computer from another remote computer with Time Boss Pro or from mobile with Time Boss Cloud. Advanced protection features. FTP and Email notifications.


The smallest free tool for taking screenshots of different size. Just open Snapa, resize its window to fit the area you want to save, and press "Save" button. Snapa is very small, only 68 kb.


The smallest free tool for monitoring computers in your local network. Just start EasyNetMonitor, open popup-menu in tray and get the information about computers network state. EasyNetMonitor is very small, only 100 kb.


Free easy user-friendly time tracking program for home and business use. More of reports, screenshots tracking, password protection and others... Several computers support.


Handy and easy-to-use reminder. AnyReminder Pro is designed to help you keep track of upcoming events through the pop-up window reminders or by e-mail.