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Time Boss Cloud

Time Boss Cloud

Time Boss Cloud (TBC) is the small freeware program for parents to change settings of Time Boss Pro on children's computer from internet.

TBC should be installed on the computer or (and) Android phone of the parent (or parents).
TBC works on all Windows systems and on Android mobile.

TBC does not need Time Boss Pro installed. TBC and Time Boss Pro are fully independent programs.
TBC allows on children's computer (with Time Boss Pro) to:
  1. Change the last remaining time (computer, programs, websites...) on current day.
  2. Add, change time grants.
  3. Show the last screenshot taken on children's computer.
  4. Show the event log on children's computer.
Kid's computer or device can be offline when Time Boss Control is active on parent's computer (mobile). In this case all changes will take effect at first connection of children's computer to internet.
Using TBC you can manage several children's computers.


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How to configure TBC correctly?

TBC can supports version 3.18 and higher of Time Boss Pro on children's computer.

At firts you should allow Time Boss Pro on children's computer to use remote control using TBC:
  1. Please activate in Time Boss Pro the option 'Enable' on panel 'Remote control from parents computer using Time Boss Cloud' (TB-> Control panel-> Options->Network).
  2. The field 'Cloud' should contain cloud.nicekit.com (by default) or nicekit.com, and should be the same in TB and in TBC on all devices!
    Both clouds (cloud.nicekit.com and nicekit.com) are located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).
  3. Write the computer identifier from yellow text box (use 'Copy' button at right) to any text file or send it to yourself via email.
    The computer identifier contains children's computer name and unique ID, e.g.: 'REM_PC *284c9cfe1-4892-a9eb-91fecc5760f9*'.
  4. Save settings and close the control panel of Time Boss Pro. The remote cloud control will activate after 2 minutes after first (since activating this option) kids login in Windows.
Time Boss Pro, settings for remote control using Time Boss Cloud
On parent's computer or Android mobile:
  1. You should install TBC (no administrators rights needed).
    For Windows you can download TBC here.
    For Android mobile you can download TBC here.
    Attention! If Time Boss Pro is installed on parent's PC, do not use the Time Boss Pro folder for TBC installation!
  2. Start TBC (file time_boss_cloud.exe) and open 'Options' window.
  3. Open the text file (or the email) with children's computer identifier and add this children's computer identifier in the yellow list of children's computers in 'Options' window using 'Add' button at the right.
    If needed you can change the computer identifier using Time Boss Control Panel ->Menu-> File->Set new computer identifier.
  4. The text box 'Cloud' should contain the same text (cloud.nicekit.com by default or nicekit.com) as the text box 'Cloud' in Time Boss Pro on children's computer.
  5. Close the 'Option' window using button 'Ok'.
Time Boss Cloud, setting of remote parental control software
Now you can try to get settings from children's computer.

Select the children's computer and press button 'Get data!'.

You should input password if the password is active in Time Boss Pro on children's computer.

When you have gotten data from children's PC you can select any action.

On Android mobile use swipe to navigate between actions tabs.

Action 'Remaining time. Computer.' allows to change the remainig time on children's PC for the current day.

When you have changed settings (remaining time for PC, browsers, grants) you should send settings to children's computer using button 'Send data!'.

If the children's PC is online (connected to internet), all changes will take effect in 1 minute.
If the children's PC is offline, all changes will take effect at first connection of children's computer to internet.

If you can not connect to remote PC then check:
  1. The computer identifier (the text from yellow box in TB-> Control panel-> Options-> Network) should be same on TB Pro and on all TBCs.
  2. The CLOUD should be the same on TB Pro and on all TBCs: ALWAYS nicekit.com or ALWAYS cloud.nicekit.com.


  • No special settings in Windows on children's and on parent's computers (routers) needed.
  • TBC uses the regular (HTTP/HTTPS) internet protocol.
    Please set the 'SSL required' option if any SSL related error appears.
  • The children's computer identifier is case insensitive, between PC name and first * should be one or more blanks.
  • To change the computer identifier on a children's PC use Time Boss Control Panel->Menu-> File->Set new computer identifier.
  • TBC keeps all settings in simple text file time_boss_cloud_config.txt in TBC folder.
  • TBC keeps the last screenshot in file time_boss_cloud_last_screenshot.jpg.
  • TBC does not use Windows registry.
  • TBC installs in the folder C:\Users\ USER\ AppData\ Local\ Time Boss Cloud\ by default.
  • The children's computer identifier changes when you reinstall Time Boss Pro completely.
  • The children's computer identifier does not change if you keep settings during Time Boss Pro uninstall.
  • Language files are the same as in Time Boss.
  • If you can not save screenshots in TBC for Android then create manually the folder TimeBossCloud in Android Pictures folder and try again.
  • With TBC you can create grants, after that kid can use grants for all limited by time items (PC, web-browsers, games, websites...).
  • The text box 'Cloud' should contain the same text: cloud.nicekit.com (by default) or nicekit.com as the text box 'Cloud' in Time Boss Pro on children's computer.
  • The system time and timezone should be correct on kid's computer and on device where TBC is installed.