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Parental control for Windows - Time Boss

Parental control against computer addiction

Time Boss is a parental control software that allows parents to set limits on their children's computer and internet usage. The software offers a range of features including the ability to set time limits on specific programs, block certain websites, and monitor keystrokes and other computer activities.

One of the strengths of Time Boss is its flexibility. Parents can set different rules and restrictions for each child, depending on their age and level of responsibility. The software also allows parents to set up a schedule for computer use, which can be helpful in promoting healthy habits and avoiding conflicts.

Another positive aspect of Time Boss is its user interface, which is straightforward and easy to navigate. The software offers a range of customizable options, but these are presented in a clear and intuitive way, making it easy for parents to configure the settings according to their needs.

However, one potential downside of Time Boss is that it may not be effective in blocking all types of content. Some users have reported that certain websites or applications are not effectively blocked by the software, which could be a concern for parents who want to ensure their children are protected from harmful content online.

Overall, Time Boss is a solid choice for parents who want to monitor and control their children's computer and internet usage. While it may not be perfect, it offers a range of useful features and a user-friendly interface that make it a viable option for families looking to manage their children's screen time.