Release notes. 

  • ver. 3.35.001 (08.09.22)
    Chinese translation improved.
    Warning of browser termination bug fixed.

  • ver. 3.34.006 (17.07.22)
    Added support for the French version of the Chrome browser.
    Chinese translation improved.
    New Italian translation you can download here.
    Bugs fixed.

  • ver. 3.34.005 (12.04.22)
    Added support for the latest browser versions (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Brave ...).

  • ver. 3.34.004 (22.03.22)
    Fixed issue with Chinese and Arabic languages in B/W list of programs.

  • ver. 3.34.003 (03.03.22)
    Fixed issue with running Time Boss on some Windows 11.

  • ver. 3.34.002 (01.02.22)
    Added the possibility to disable full screen mode in browsers (TB->Control panel->Options->Internet monitor).
    Fixed issue with closing the Windows Setting panel in Windows 11.
    Fixed issue with warning messages about termination of programs from Black/White lists.

  • ver. 3.34.001 (17.01.22)
    Fixed problem of interacting with TB Cloud if Windows is in sleep mode.
    Fixed issue with time of LogOff event after sleep mode in Windows 11.

  • ver. 3.33.006 (17.11.21)
    Added support for Windows 11.
    Date and time protection changed.

  • ver. 3.33.005 (24.09.21)
    Added support for the latest version of the Chrome browser.

  • ver. 3.33.004 (04.08.21)
    Added support for the latest browser versions (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Brave ...).

  • ver. 3.33.002 (16.06.21)
    Improved support for Windows Store apps.
    Added animated images to warning message. More animated pictures are here.
    Browser events have been optimized in the event log.
    Improved protection if options Synchronize time with time servers and Stop child session when no connection to time server are activated.

  • ver. 3.32.004 (12.05.21)
    Added support for the latest version of the Brave browser.
    Added "Pomodoro Technique" in forced breaks.

  • ver. 3.32.003 (23.03.21)
    Added support for the latest version of the Chrome browser.

  • ver. 3.32.002 (26.02.21)
    Fixed problem with disabling the white list of programs when Internet sites are not logged.
    Added the ability to add files with any extensions (not just exe) to the "Black and white lists of programs".
    Added the ability to add grants from a text file.
    Improved compatibility with "big" Windows updates.

  • ver. 3.32.001 (16.12.20)
    Added the ability to Copy and Paste in Black/White list.
    Added additional optional password. You can only use it to increase the remaining time. You cannot use it to open the control panel. If the child learns this password, he will not be able to open the Control Panel.
    Support of last version of Opera Game (GX) browser added.

  • ver. 3.31.004 (17.07.20)
    Option "Stop browser instead of showing Block page" added.
    Forced breaks will be disabled for the duration of the grant only.
    FTP problem fixed.

  • ver. 3.31.002 (15.06.20)
    Event log improved.
    Added daily report.

  • ver. 3.31.001 (22.04.20)
    CPU usage of Time Boss Internet Monitor reduced.
    Added support for Modern Windows 10 Applications (*.wwa) in Black/White lists of programs.
    Added support of *..*..* template in Black/White lists of websites.
    Added selective deletion of events and screenshots from the event log.

  • ver. 3.30.004 (28.01.20)
    Support of last version of Brave browser added.
    Support of last version of Edge Chromium added.

  • ver. 3.30.003 (08.11.19)
    Support of last version of Edge Chromium added.
    Event log improved.

  • ver. 3.30.002 (18.10.19)
    Grant window changed.
    User "Someone" was added in Time Boss Cloud.
    Fixed "menu" bug in ver. 3.29.006.

  • ver. 3.29.006 (18.09.19)
    Support of last version of Google Chrome added.
    CPU usage reduced.
    Windows 10 support improved.

  • ver. 3.29.005 (04.07.19)
    Support of last version of Time Boss Cloud added.

  • ver. 3.29.004 (22.04.19)
    Problem "This installation package is not supported by this processor type" on some Windows systems fixed.

  • ver. 3.29.003 (14.03.19)
    BW list of websites improved.

  • ver. 3.29.002 (06.02.19)
    Support of two monitors improved.

  • ver. 3.29.001 (26.11.18)
    "Support" of games (Fortnite...) with Anti-Cheat engine added.
    Protection of Time Boss settings against abnormal termination of computer improved.

  • ver. 3.28.000 (12.10.18)
    Support of last version web-browser Edge added.
    Fixed the install (repair) problem when program is active on some Windows systems.

  • ver. 3.27.003 (01.10.18)
    Support of last version (56) Opera web-browser added.
    Program monitor improved.

    Time Boss for Android released.
    Download parental control Time Boss for Android

  • ver. 3.27.002 (03.09.18)
    Support of suspended programs in Windows 10 added.
    Forced breaks problem on some Windows systems fixed.
    Synchronization improved.

  • ver. 3.27.001 (30.07.18)
    Support of last version (68) Chrome web-browser added.

  • ver. 3.27.000 (08.07.18)
    The default password (when it is not defined) for Time Boss Control panel is 123.

  • ver. 3.26.005 (25.04.18)
    Internet monitor filter of "bad words" improved, *badword* pattern added.
    Solved the internet monitoring problem in web-browser Opera with active plugins.
    04.05.2018. Fixed "starting" problem in Time Boss Cloud for Windows.

  • ver. 3.26.001 (02.04.18)
    Support of last version (65) Chrome web-browser added.
    Support of Brave web-browser added.
    Problem with screenshots on monitors with large font solved.
    Problem with "big" config files solved.

  • ver. 3.25.003 (02.03.18)
    Fixed bug in internet monitor.

  • ver. 3.25.002 (20.02.18)
    Added option to enable/disable warnings after programs termination (Control panel->USER->Miscellaneous->Warning...->Show for events).
    Internet monitor improved.

  • ver. 3.25.001 (02.02.18)
    Problem with support groups from old Time Boss (Pro) versions fixed.

  • ver. 3.25.000 (17.01.18)
    Support of last version Opera web-browser added.
    Problem with fixed pages in web-browsers solved.
    Pattern *word* added for websites in BW list.
    Events comments of terminate messages in the event log added.
    The priority of items in BW list changed. Websites and programs have more high priority as folders and groups now.
    The "logoff at midnight" problem when schedule is active fixed.
    The "sending of reports by email" problem fixed.

  • ver. 3.24.001 (11.09.17)
    Fixed the problem with web-browser Chrome v.61.

  • ver. 3.23.001 (15.06.17)
    Fixed the problem with web-browser Opera v.45.

  • ver. 3.22.003 (25.05.17)
    Fixed the problem with localised versions of Google Chrome.
    Fixed the problem with TBC when synchronization using shared file is active.
    Fixed some problems in TBC.

  • ver. 101 (06.05.17)
    The password problem in Time Boss Cloud for Android fixed.

  • ver. 3.22.001 (24.04.17)
    Time Boss Cloud for Android released. More info is here.
    Improved the interaction between Time Boss Pro and Time Boss Cloud.
    Fixed the problem with MS Edge web-browser after Windows 10 Creators update.
    Improved the date and time protection against changing in BIOS.

  • ver. 3.21.000 (05.03.17)
    Fixed the protection problem in Windows Safe Mode.

  • ver. 3.20.000 (12.01.17)
    Fixed the "stop youtube" problem in all web browsers and in full screen mode.
    Fixed the "stop website" problem with last version of Microsoft Edge.
    Fixed "countdown" bug in RDP sessions.
    Fixed "Int32 System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.SizeOf(!!0)" bug on some Windows systems with .NET 4.0 only.

  • ver. 3.19.003 (30.11.16)
    Fixed "Int32 System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.SizeOf(!!0)" bug on some Windows systems.
    We recommend to install Microsoft NET 4.5.1 (or above) in this case.

  • ver. 3.19.002 (21.11.16)
    Self protection of program changed to prevent stop program after "big" Windows updates.
    Display Off and dim support added.
    Web browser Opera support improved.
    Fixed "Warning message" bug in Time Boss Pro when cloud control is enabled.

  • ver. 3.18.000 (07.10.16)
    Time Boss Cloud released. More info is here.

  • ver. 3.17.001 (03.08.16)
    Added programs and websites filter in the event log and weekly activity report.
    Time protection improved.
    Fixed bug in FTP notification in Time Boss Pro.
    Removed the possibility to work in Windows Safe Mode (Microsoft Defender problem).

  • ver. 3.16.001 (23.05.16)
    Fixed the problem with Microsoft Defender on some Windows systems.

  • ver. 3.16.000 (25.04.16)
    Added the possibility to change the color, opacity and size of countdown window for each user (panel Miscellaneous).
    Added weekly activity and 'alarm' reports. Time Boss (Pro) can send reports automatically by email.
    Added the possibility to work in Windows Safe Mode (Time Boss (Pro)->Control panel->Options->General->Protection->Run in Safe Mode).
    Google Chrome support improved.

  • ver. 3.15.001 (20.12.15)
    Windows 10 support improved.
    Edge, FireFox, Chrome, Yandex, Opera browsers support (all features except the 'bad words' filter) added.
    The different time limitation on different days of the week added. See here.
    The 'midnight' problem fixed.
    Brazilian translation added.

  • ver. 3.14.003 (24.08.15)
    Windows 10 support improved.
    Added the list of programs that will be stopped if kid locks session.
    Improved the new diagram of the day in the event log viewer.
    Japanese and slovenian translations added.

  • ver. 3.14.001 (24.07.15)
    Time zone protection improved in kid sessions.
    In the White List of programs added "All other programs" item. So you can set the time limitation for all others programs (games) except existing in the list, if needed.
    Added the new diagram of the day in the event log viewer.

  • ver. 3.13.000 (04.04.15)
    Synchronization with internet time servers in kid sessions improved.
    Screenshots problem on some Windows systems fixed.
    In the White List of internet sites added "All other sites" item. So you can set the time limitation for all others sites except existing in the list, if needed.
    White and Black Lists of internet sites improved. Now you can use time limitation for subdomains and subfolders of site.

  • ver. 3.12.001 (28.01.15)
    Fixed the "automatically removing used grants" problem.

  • ver. 3.12.000 (20.12.14)
    Added password protection for interruption forced breaks.
    Added possibility to create several grants.
    Improved the system date protection.
    Improved the synchronization on several PC's (Time Boss Pro).

  • ver. 3.11.002 (20.05.14)
    Fixed the "adding new user" problem on some Windows systems in ver. 3.11.

  • ver. 3.11.001 (28.04.14)
    Fixed the startup problem on some updates of Microsoft NET.
    We recommend to use this version (or older) if after the first installation of Time Boss (Pro) you get the message "Time Boss can't connect to the main part of program for one of these reasons...".

  • ver. 3.11.000 (18.04.14)
    Holiday schedule added.
    Indication of week remaining time added (pic. 1, pic. 2, pic. 3).
    Added the possibility to add programs and sites to Black and White lists directly from the event log.
    Added the possibility to postpone forced breaks.
    Improved the indication of remote PC's in the Control panel menu.
    New termination type of forced breaks added - Power Off.

  • ver. 3.10.000 (28.01.14)
    Separate setup for Windows 8.1(8) and Windows 7(Vista, XP) added.
    Now do not needed to activate Microsoft .NET 2.0 on Windows 8.1(8) before install.
    Translation for Someone user added.
    Fixed the "Copy, Paste of group" problem in black and white lists.

  • ver. 3.09.000 (27.12.13)
    Added the possibility to reduce passwords waiting time in Boss session.
    IE 11 support in Windows 8.1 improved.

  • ver. 3.08.004 (10.12.13)
    Protection improved.
    IE 11 support improved.

  • ver. 3.08.000 (21.07.13)
    Added the possibility to disable Internet Exlorer in Windows 8 Metro mode.
    Fixed the sending event log by email problem on some SMTP mail servers (e.g. yahoo).
    Changed the sequence of events in event log when PC is in sleeping mode.

  • ver. 3.07.001 (25.06.13)
    New termination type of PC added - Disconnect session.
    Changed the indication panel for subordinates.

  • ver. 3.06.001 (26.04.13)
    Improved the loading of main module (service).
    Fixed the "skipping logon" problem on some Windows systems.

  • ver. 3.05.007 (03.04.13)
    Improved the speed of loading of main module (service).
    Fixed the problem with indication Logon, Logoff events in synchronization mode (Time Boss Pro).

  • ver. 3.05.003 (21.03.13)
    For Windows XP only: Fixed identify users bug in version 3.05.002.

  • ver. 3.05.002 (14.03.13)
    Added the possibility to change the type of PC termination.
    Changed the sequence of events in event log when PC is in sleeping mode.

  • ver. 3.04.004 (12.02.13)
    Grant dialog changed.
    Protection improved.

  • ver. 3.04.000 (26.01.13)
    Large fonts support added.
    Added separate time limitation for Someone users (optional, Time Boss Pro).

  • ver. 3.03.000 (28.11.12)
    Improved the synchronization on multiple computers (Time Boss Pro). Please change the version on all PC where synchronization is used.

    Improved the speed of loading of internet module.
    Fixed the problem of stopping remaining time indication when child try to stop the program.
    Fixed the bug with "freeze" the system time on waking computer from Sleep.

  • ver. 3.02.000 (27.10.12)
    Email notification improved.
    Added FTP notification in Time Boss Pro.

  • ver. 3.01.020 (07.10.12)
    The problem adding additional time when week time range is active was fixed.
    Time zone protection improved.

  • ver. 3.01.019 (25.09.12)
    Program protection improved.
    The problem of remaining time indication for session limitation fixed.
    Folder protection problem fixed.

  • ver. 3.01.018 (14.09.12)
    The problem of remaining time indication for session limitation fixed.
    Boot speed of program increased.

  • ver. 3.01.016 (01.08.12)
    Problem with the disabling of Internet Module fixed.
    Problem with the indication of domain's users as Someone user fixed.

  • ver. 3.01.011 (27.06.12)
    The new PC's forced breaks termination type added: 'Disconnect session' (users session will be saved in this case).
    Problem with the syncronisation Someone user fixed.

  • ver. 3.01.008 (28.05.12)
    Altered internet module.
    Small bugs fixed.

  • ver. 3.01.005 (10.04.12)
    Altered localization files.
    Warnings changed.

  • ver. 3.01.004 (04.04.12)
    Totally new version!
    Full support Windows 7 64-bit, IE 64-bit
    Email notification
    Support screenshots on two monitors
    Grants for all time limited objects (sites, programs...)
    Synchronizing time limitations and settings on multiple computers
    many others

    Microsoft NET 2.0 needed (Windows 7, Vista already have it).
    If you use Windows XP you can install NET 2.0 or download and try old version 2.504 of Time Boss or Time Boss Pro.

  • ver. 2.503 (02.10.11)
    System protection improved.

  • ver. 2.50 (18.04.11)
    Internet Explorer 9 full support added.
    Problem with internet warnings fixed.
    Problem with session limitation fixed.

  • ver. 2.496 (07.04.11)
    The protection against disable in IE improved.
    Disable (optional) warnings before stopping internet sites.

  • ver. 2.494 (15.12.10)
    Time zone protection added.
    Problem with internet sites plugins (like facebook) in sites Black List fixed.
    The 45 min interval xx:15-xx:59 in time-table added.
    The compatibility with Norton Antivirus improved.
    Usability on the screens with a resolution of 800 * 600 (netbooks) and less improved.
    Turkish language file added.

  • ver. 2.49 (20.10.10)
    The algorithm for "Session limitation" (how long in one sitting the computer may be used) changed.
    Internet, programs and internet sites session limitation added.
    Possibility to use "Internet time limitation" for Boss users (for self limitation) added.
    Protection with TB password for remote connection added (only in TB Pro).
    Protection against Internet browsers renaming added.
    Problem with message "List index of bounds" in Group window fixed.

  • ver. 2.473 (17.06.10)
    Problem with limitation sites from Black list fixed.

  • ver. 2.47 (02.04.10)
    Time limitation for internet sites in Black and White lists added.
    Support InPrivate mode in Internet Explorer 8 added.
    Problem with Chrome and Skype time limitation fixed.

  • ver. 2.462 (22.11.09)
    Windows 7 full support added.
    Internet content filter added.

  • ver. 2.451 (15.10.09)
    The interaction with Vista and Windows 7 improved.
    The time protection improved.
    Problem with last version of IE 8 solved.
    PRO: The interaction with remote users in local net improved.

  • ver. 2.43 (17.04.09)
    The interaction with IE improved.
    The time synchronization with internet time servers added.

  • ver. 2.42 (12.02.09)
    Groups added to Black List.
    Copying settings between users added.

  • ver. 2.40 (05.11.08)
    The protection against program renaming in Black List added.

  • ver. 2.39 (15.09.08)
    The 45 min interval in time-table added.
    System protection improved.
    The forms layout changed.

  • ver. 2.381 (10.07.08)
    Sound for warnings added.
    Improved time-table added.
    Session time limit added.
    The problem with screensaver in VISTA solved.

  • ver. 2.371 (17.03.08)
    Protection Boss session with Time Boss password added.
    Option "Don't wait 1 min after logon when time is over" for Subordinate user added.
    The bug related with option "per WEEK time limitation" fixed.
    Help file in PDF format released (time_boss.pdf - 425 Kb).

  • ver. 2.361 (15.12.07)
    Automatic configuration recovery after abnormal PC termination (using Reset button) improved

  • ver. 2.35 (23.10.07)
    Automatic recovery for damaged log file was added.
    Hungarian language file was added.
    PRO: Automatic determination of (online working in network) PC was added.
    PRO: Warning message for Subordinate user was added, if time was changed
    from a remote PC.
    PRO: Automatic remote PC screenshot refreshing and saving was added.
  • ver. 2.34 (07.08.07)
    Time Boss Pro released.
    Protection from keyloggers added.
    New options on "System protection" panel added.
    Chinese simplified localization added.
    The bag with invisible buttons on "Disabled programs" panel fixed.
  • ver. 2.33 (10.06.07)
    The bag "System message: Cannot terminate Time Boss program" fixed. The bag screenshots making in backup folder on remote PC fixed.
    Added option "Take into account the time screensaver is on".
    The problem with closing Time Boss in "Simple mode" when menu "Prize" activated fixed.

  • ver. 2.32 (24.05.07)
    Support big fonts added. Now you can change the size of main window.
  • ver. 2.30 (25.03.07)
    Windows VISTA support added.
    Sleep mode and Hibernate mode support added.
  • ver. 2.28 (10.12.06)
    The possibility to save and to load configuration from files is added.
    The option "prize" is improved. Now you can cancel prize time limits.
  • ver. 2.27 (05.11.06)
    Internal optimization is done.
    The problem with the error message ("The registry key denied access to SYSTEM account programs so the Service Control Manager took ownership of the Registry key") in systems journal solved.
    The start of screen saver for Subordinates users added.
    The possibility to edit names of programs and folders on the panel Black list added.
    Now you can have short names of programs (without full path) in Black list. So all programs with the same names will be restricted, without folder dependence.
  • ver. 2.261 (11.09.06)
    Protection for screenshots added. Now you can add the folder with Time Boss to table Folder protection on the panel System protection.
    Prizes for Subordinate users added. See panel Prizes.
  • ver. 2.24 (10.06.06)
    Warning before internet program termination added.
    Backup folder for screenshots added (Now you can save them on other PC (parents) in home local net).
    Problem that caused the damage of configuration files and the loss of user information after abnormal PC termination is fixed.
    Spanish localization added.

  • ver. 2.23 (08.04.06)
    Time limitation for any specified programs added.
    Panel "How much time allowed" on "Computer time limit" page changed. Now if you have chosen both "per DAY" and "per WEEK", the one that is more strict will work.
    User names for screen shots added.
    Protection in Safe Mode added.
    Problems "Can not open time_boss.log" and "Index out of bounds" in "Event log" fixed.
  • ver. 2.22 (10.01.06)
    Screensaver support added.
    Event filter changed. Sorting added to "Event log".
    Stopping for Internet monitor added. Now you can also use other internet guardian program.
    German localization added.
  • ver. 2.21 (05.12.05)
    Log file protection added.
    Screen shot player added.
    Event filter added.
    Protection from unwanted deinstalling is improved. (Subordinates can't do it anymore).
  • ver. 2.20 (20.10.05)
    Localization mistakes are fixed.
    New localizations added.
    FAQ edited.
    New statistic mechanism completed.
    The system time defence for "Subordinate" users (who have admin type of windows systems rights) completed.
    Now "Splash" is available in "Stealth" mode.
  • ver. 2.19 (23.09.05)
  • ver. 2.15 (11.05.05)
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